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Toronto Social Media Marketing is a generic way of gaining exposure to the mass audience through Social Media sites. Social Media is a catchphrase used for all the sites that provide radically social actions. There are over 2 billion active users on social media platforms. Facebook is the first social networking site with over 1.10 billion monthly active users. Facebook is constantly used for daily communication, sharing photos and videos between families and friends.


Pinterest is the second social media networking site used daily by businesses to share infographics, images regarding their niche domain. Other sites like Twitter, Tumblr, Instagrams are also used to socially spread awareness about particular brand or product, which are usually termed as microblogging sites.

How is Social Media Marketing effective?

Consider this – If you have come this far and known something about digital marketing that focuses on Social Media Marketing, it’s more than just asking a younger team member from your organization to post something online about your brand on social media profiles like Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Effective Social Media is a seamless way of spreading awareness of your brand. We at Toronto Website Designs focus on growing your brand awareness by generating potential leads and engaging customers with your Social media profiles and blogs.

Contrary to popular belief, social media marketing is not the opposite of traditional marketing. The two work in tandem. We’ll demonstrate you how.

Audiences are spending more time on social media every day. Canadians spend an average of 34 hours in a month online, and many of us spend much more time than that reading, shopping, or killing time on the web. More than 22% of that time is spent on social networks. You need to be where your audience is active and target your products and services in a very effective way.

Finding it difficult to keep up with your Social Media Marketing activities in Toronto, let our team at Toronto Website Designs help you out.

For a select number of clients, our social media packages will assist you to grow, monitor and measure your social media reach. We will provide you with social media marketing tactics that will help you understand the possibilities of social media, it’s importance and how it can be beneficial for your business in the long run. Contact us today for social media marketing quote.