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Our SEO Company Toronto knows how to deliver organic ranking results for your website

Search Engine Optimization commonly know as SEO, is a complex yet organic process that is a bit difficult to understand, even for people dealing in the digital marketing industry. It is a very important part of Digital Marketing Strategy. If you or your business is not investing in SEO to increase your online presence and only going for Paid advertising portals to gain business than you are missing out on everything.




Search Engine Optimization, in a nutshell, is an organic way to rank your website keywords on Top positions in search results like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. There are over 200 factors which determine where your website ranks on any particular search engine at any particular time. These factors are constantly changing and yet they boil down to two things: Relevancy and Popularity.

Search Engine algorithm works by indexing web pages on the internet by accessing your website sitemaps and other attributes on the site. The ranking of a website in search result pages is usually calculated by two main factors: On-Page Relevance & Off-Page Popularity.

  1. On-Page Relevance: The on-page relevance of the website is determined on the basis of parameters like keywords used, keyword density that a user usually uses to search online, title tag, meta description, image alt tags, heading tags and internal link strategy to name a few.
  2. Off-page Popularity: There are numerous factors that determine the website popularity, but mainly it is calculated on the basis of trustworthy backlinks from different websites, blog sites, directories to a website. Now quality plays important factor rather than quantity of incoming links to a website.

The above two factors contribute to what search engines call the ‘algorithm’ to judge website relevancy. These days it is also a function of “who you know” rather than “what you know” as Google and other search engines are placing more and more importance on the discussions customers are having about your business on social media platforms. Search engine marketing and social media marketing are becoming more integrated every day.

How our SEO experts at Toronto Website Designs can help you with your online campaign

The ranking of your website in search engine purely depends upon how efficiently you use your keyword basket to map correct keywords to pages on your website that will typically influence the amount of traffic that your website gets from search engines. Website ranking in the top positions in the search results tends to gain more exposure. Any website in the Top 5 position gets priority as compared to the rest, as no one scrolls down often to find a relevant product or service. Accordingly, competition is tough at the top as your competitors will also be engaging in search engine optimization to keep their position.

SEO Company Toronto can carry out a thorough keyword research for your business and prepare a campaign that will forecast how many new visitors you will likely generate with SEO for your website. Our team will outline a process and show you proven results that will be tailormade for you. Still, have doubts about how to go ahead? Contact our SEO Company Toronto experts today.