Website Analytics Review for SEO Campaigns

Track your Online Campaign performance using Website Analytics service by Toronto Website Designs

A website’s campaign in the digital world can be termed successful when its performance can be measured. We at Toronto Website Designs are available to help and consult you on different ways to optimize your website and increase its presence online.Learn how you can increase targeted traffic and optimize your ranks in the search engine with a website analytics review.


The above percentage figure indicates the number of clients that do not have Google Analytics set up prior to working with us.

Setting Up Correct Analytics

Integrating Correct Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools & GTM (Tag Manager)

Our analytics experts will start by confirming your Google codes are set up correctly, including sync with Reports. The data within your GA should be precise and actionable as possible.

We will then integrate funneling and Goals based on your business requirements to track the conversions on monthly basis. Finally, we will create an Analytics reporting template that will showcase monthly traffic, source, and Goal completion.

Aligning On-Page optimization with Business Goals

The key to a successful online marketing campaign is to make smart decisions and tweak your marketing campaign based on metrics and not assumptions. You will have an SEO optimized and conversion generating website but it will never be a finished product because of regular refining and data integration to maximize your results and optimize keyword basket as we move ahead in the campaign.

Analyzing Traffic and Goal Completion

Google Analytics is designed to monitor traffic, conversions and analyze the data. Here in we will focus on major analytics parameters like Audience, Acquisitions, Audience Behavior and Conversion. We will summarize what is working well for the on-going campaign and areas for optimization. We will examine the source of traffic, acquisition report, top hit pages on the website, behavioral flow, conversion and goal completions.

Post this we will do an extensive analysis to figure out which users will be potential clients and will filter out least engaging visitors. We will analyze dropouts and will learn which pages are least helpful so that you can make improvements on your website and see positive results in coming months.

Reporting and Automation

Setting up Analytics and refining data as per your requirements takes time, but once they are setup to suit and fulfill your business requirements it’s an automated process. We have so many tools to showcase data that is fetched through website analytics.

  1. We can create customize dashboard to refine traffic in terms of source, location, devices and age
  2. Track Traffic, Goals, Event completion and set up funnel conversion
  3. Email monthly analytics reports automatically to your email address
  4. Add reminders to highlight sudden drop or gain in the website traffic to monitor campaign

Are you confident your site fulfills the requirements of the people who visit it?

Gain more meaningful insight by making data-driven decisions that engage visitors to your site.

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