Competitor Analysis

Toronto Website Designs team carry out thorough competitor analysis before you start with SEO campaign

Competitor Analysis is an important aspect of the Search Engine Optimization campaign. May time some digital marketing agencies skip this step and start off with Keyword Research, on-page SEO strategy, content optimization and link building for their clients.

Competitor Analysis helps in understanding how your competitors are doing well in search results, who are your competitors, where they stand for the keyword basket that you are targeting. By the end of the analysis, you will get an insight into who is playing their cards well to dominate the keyword lists organically and hold the No1 position in search results.

With Competitor Analysis you will understand who is winning organic visibility in the industry, what keywords are valuable, and which backlink strategies are working best, all of which can then be utilized to gain and grow your own site’s organic traffic.



Steps that we follow while carrying out Competitor Analysis:

  1. Identifying your competitors: The first step in this process is determining who are the top four competitors that we want to use for this analysis.
  2. Creating a Competitor Analysis template: By creating a template in excel we create different sheets to note down your competitors, their keyword basket, and backlink profiles. This gives us an insight as to where you stand when compared to your competitors
  3. Backlink profile Analysis: Back Link analysis gives us a clear picture as to which websites are linking to our competitors and not us. This data is vital because it will allow us to closely monitor our rankings as compared to our competitors and also improve our backlink profile to gain link juice from high authority domain sites.
  4. Keyword gap analysis: This step helps us determine which keywords your competitors rank for and your website does not. From here we start collating keyword basket and map keywords with proper Title tags, meta description and create content specific to those keywords.

Competitor analyses for SEO are not something that should be overlooked when planning a digital marketing strategy. This process can help you strategically build unique and complex SEO campaigns based on readily available data and the demand of your market. This analysis will instantly put you ahead of competitors.